300K in 90 Minutes? Yep…

Wow, what a week I had last week. I'm going to tell you about it because it reveals a skill that once learned, can  be worth millions of dollars to you and will put money in your pocket regardless of what's happening in the economy.

I just got back home from Dan Kennedy's InfoSummit. It was held in Atlanta but I stayed at the hotel anyway. Thursday night I performed my "Magic of the Mind" psychic entertainment program for the one thousands folks in attendance.  This was the most people I've ever done my show for and it was super fun.

Friday morning I was scheduled to speak at 8:00am during one of two break-out sessions. (A break-out session is where there is more than one speaker, speaking at the same time.) My room was packed to the rafters. In fact, there were so many people that I actually let people sit on the floor behind me. Unfortunately, we had to turn many people away.

I did my presentation which I had practiced and rehearsed many times before. I used PowerPoint but NOT the typical, boring PowerPoint presentations that we've all been subjected to.  If you use PowerPoint the wrong way, you're  not only putting your audiences to sleep but you're killing your sales. There is a right way and a wrong way to use it and 99.9% of speakers get it wrong.

Anyway, after the smoke cleared I had sold over $300,000 worth of my product in just under 90 minutes. That's not a typo – three hundred thousand. Naturally I was the top salesperson/speaker at the entire event even though I didn't get the opportunity to speak before all the attendees.

I'm not telling this to you to brag (well, maybe a little) but rather to impress upon you that learning how to speak to sell is one of the most important skills you can master. By the way, "selling" does not necessarily mean selling a product. It could simply mean selling a group of prospects on making an appointment with you or on your ideas.  Many financial advisors, estate planning attorneys and other professional services providers often do "dinner seminars" and their ability to get attendees to make an appointment after their presentation is paramount to their success.

If you're an information marketer, at some point, you'll  absolutely  need to get up in front of a group of people and speak to sell. As an aside,  ever wonder how come all of the Internet marketing gurus have live, in person seminars? Gee, makes you wonder why since they supposedly make all their money in cyber-space. Hmm.  Think about it.

Speaking to sell is about much more than just talking and then offering your product or service at the end. You need to craft the entire presentation and the delivery of the presentation with precision, following a specific persuasion-based (Psychic sales based) format.

I am NOT saying that you're unethically influencing people to buy things they don't need. NOT AT ALL. In fact, the major key to my success has to do with my unshakeable belief that what I was offering is absolutely amazing. As I talked about in previous newsletters, your belief in the value of your product or service is vital to your success in selling it. What I  offered was incredible and was perfect for the people I was speaking to.

With that being said, you can believe in the value of what you have to offer, like I do, and still not get the results you desire. It's the starting point for your success. In fact, without this deep belief in what you're offering, your sales will fall flat even if you learn the psychology of how to speak to sell. But you need much more than just that.

Again, the one skill that could radically change your income, your business and your life is learning platform selling. Notice I said, platform selling not platform speaking. They are different. Most professional speakers don't make squat and don't transform anyone's lives because they don't know how to sell people on their ideas, products or on taking action.

Once you learn this skill, everything changes for you. You will not just improve your business, you'll transform it. Your business will become new, exciting and fun.

I'm consider doing a live, small workshop training here in Atlanta where I'll  teach everything you need to know about selling from the stage including crafting your  irresistible offer, creating your million dollar presentation, how to use PowerPoint that persuades, insider "Psychic Sales" influence and persuasion strategies, how to add the "entertainment element" to all your presentations (This is crucial to your success.)  and much more.

The investment for this would be $9,997 with a payment plan available. If that seems steep, this probably isn't for you because the truth is, the investment is a drop in the bucket compared to the extra money and feelings of freedom, security and power you will experience because of it.  How many extra sales do you need to cover the entire investment and then some? Heck, you should be able to make that back and more from your first presentation. How amazing would you feel to know that you can create money and clients on demand just by talking. Think about it.

Anyway, the event would be held in January and I need a minimum of 10 people to attend to make this worth my while. If you're interested in coming, I need to know now. Email me at david@davedee.com with the subject line "Interested in Speaking to Sell Event" and include your name and the type of business you have. You're not making a commitment to attend. I just want to gauge the interest level. If enough smart folks want me to do it, I'll be happy to. If not, it's no skin off my nose. I'll just book a speaking engagement instead. I'd love to teach you these secrets but need to know now if you're interested.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEE-nero!"

Dave Dee

P.S. I do need to know ASAP so I can book the room and start putting together the slew of materials you'll be receiving when you attend. So Email me at david@davedee.com with the subject line "Interested in Speaking to Sell Event."


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