2 Beliefs For Making Your Sales Soar

There are two powerful beliefs that can take you from ordinary sales to extraordinary sales. Here they are:

1. Belief in yourself.

It’s the confidence that you exude. Selling is a transference of emotion; so if you don’t believe in yourself that’s a real problem. Because the prospect is going to feel that; you need to have supreme confidence in yourself. That doesn’t mean to be cocky; it means to have supreme confidence in yourself.

It means believing that you are the best person to help you prospects get what they want, need and desire because you care more, listen more, fulfill on your commitments and over-deliver everytime.

2. Belief in your product or your service.

Let me tell you a story about one of the best sales people I’ve ever known; 

I got into radio advertising sales, and one of the best sales people I ever met was a guy named Rick. He’s actually my brother-in-law now; and he was a top salesperson at the radio station by far and away.

And as a new salesperson I was really excited to go out on calls with him to see his technique; this guy must have the best closes on the planet. He must know how to overcome every objection. So I went out and I sat with him, and he was like…I didn’t see anything. There was no technique. He was just talking, and his prospects were happy to talk to him, and all of a sudden he walked out with this huge sale. I’m like how is that possible. How is it possible if he sold with no technique more than everybody else?

Because he totally believed at his core that radio advertising was the best thing that this person could buy.

While everybody else, literally every other salesperson in the department did not have that belief. In fact we would talk about it. They did not have the belief that this was absolutely the best thing that our clients could have. But he had the belief. He had some technique, but it wasn’t about technique. He went in with full confidence in himself first of all. You walked in and there was this massively confident guy. And when he talked about this you were engaged and you just totally believed him. Why? Not because really of the words he said, but the feeling that came out of him.

Also, he would not…and here’s the other key point, he would not sell a client something that wasn’t exactly perfect for them. That’s why he made huge sales. He wasn’t doing it from a point of “I want to make huge sales,” he was doing it from a point of “You need this; this is the package that will get you the results you desire."

And here is a key; you want to be able to associate your beliefs in the value of your products/services – and your positioning as someone they can trust to give them the straight scoop on those programs – to the long-term benefits that your prospect will receive once they become your client, and that they will get from using your product or service.

You want to do this association every single day before you go out in the field to sell; whether you’re selling on the telephone or one-to-one or in front of a group or whatever it is. You want to fully associate to what your product actually does for someone who buys it.You really and truly want to associate the emotional benefits of what you’re doing.

Adopt these beliefs, make them part of you and watch your sales soar.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave Dee

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