“Sell More Of Your Products or Services In A Day Than You Now Do All Year”
World leader in One-To-Many Selling Reveals His Formula For Closing Sales & Booking Appointments
With Webinars and Teleseminars
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“Sell More Of Your Products Or Services In A Day 
Than You Now Do All Year”
World leader in group selling is giving away his template for  creating webinars and in-person presentations that close sales like magic.
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What You Will Discover…
What You Will Discover…
  • Secret #1: The million dollar, step-by-step, slide-by-slide template for creating compelling webcasts, webinars and online events that produce literal buying frenzies and huge paydays (Recently, a student used this exact template to generate $420,000 in sales with just ONE event.)
  • Secret #2: How to design an offer that makes your audience CRAVE what you’re selling. (It’s not only what’s IN your offer but HOW is it presented that makes a huge difference in your results.)
  • Secret #3: Two ADVANCED mind control strategies. I used these to sell $570,000 in 45 minutes. The ENTIRE presentation was based on those two strategies and I’m going to teach you exactly how I used them.
  • Secret #4: The three things you MUST “layer” into every webinar, sales video or inperson presenation if you want to generate huge results. (Most people totally miss this and it costs them a ton of sales and money,)
  • Secret #6: My private “pre-show” ritual which makes me totally confident, powerful and persuasive. (This is a bit weird and so is the “tool” I use - which I’ll show you - but it works like magic.)
  • Secret #6: The “hidden”  secret that makes the difference in whether you crush it or flop. This really is the missing link that separates mediocre presentations from spectacular, “take the money to the bank” results.
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